ISOL BLOC ORO is a solution for the concealed box that also integrates the window sill, which can be chosen in two different versions REGOLO or STRATO.

STRATO and REGOLO are the right solution to reduce heat loss to a minimum, speed up installation and guarantee window performance.

ISOL BLOC ORO allows you to significantly reduce the costs of installation, and at the same time to give a touch of class and uniqueness to the building.


It is versatile and extremely customizable; it is able to combine technical performance with an innovative and elegant design. In fact, STRATO combined with our installation flush with the wall hides 100% of the frame, thus optimizing the glass surfaces.

It has been designed to allow an extreme improvement of the thermal and acoustic performance of the window and of the part of the masonry concerned, thanks to the particular insulating stratification.

Regolo is the sill suitable for any wall situation, it is very versatile and customizable, thanks to the wide range of colours, shapes and finishes. It can be used in both new homes and renovations. The particular alloy that constitutes it allows heat dispersion without overheating the wall space.