Review with Arch. Alessandro Marinato Architecture Laboratory IPOGEO

The meeting with Arch. Alessandro Marinato of the IPOGEO Architecture Laboratory was born from the pleasure of telling a shared path in the creation of a Space dedicated to offices for the firm Commercialisti C&C Associati, which has also seen our company involved from the very beginning.

The architect Marinato has designed a workplace in which the primary objective was to create work spaces where the Living Well-being was conceived and created as an added and precious value compared to the dynamics of the daily working day.

The time spent in the office is a good part of the day so for the clients it was clear the desire to create new offices where comfort could be high

Easy to say! … 

However, the path to reach such an ambitious goal is complex, for several reasons.

A high Living Wellbeing is achieved through the care of many aspects starting from those related to architectural quality, the pleasure of living in spaces that communicate positive emotions, up to the construction aspects, linked to design choices, functional compositions, aesthetics and materials.

Taking into account the number of actors involved and the many passages of communication between the different interlocutors that must translate the initial message of the clients, the conductor has a very difficult and, according to the architect himself, at the same time fascinating task.

The client’s request must be interpreted correctly and carried out in an equally consistent manner.

A classic management where the designer simply coordinates the activities of the suppliers, acting as an intermediary with the client, would lead to the classic result, where failure to comply with deliveries and a whole series of induced factors would make the final result inconsistent with initial expectations.

To tackle projects with high expectations where attention to the smallest detail becomes decisive as it can affect the final result, a different approach by all the actors involved is required.

There must be an availability, a sensitivity and a habit of a shared approach towards a common goal, very different from the standard where the only purpose is to quickly close one’s business.

The designer’s task is precisely to be able to transfer the expected result in the clearest way.

Arch. Marinato welcomes us by opening the interview highlighting the approach with which he approached the construction site, based precisely on a management for shared common objectives.

We have operated by aiming at continuous alignment with the client’s expectations in order to translate them into an executive project that takes into account all the implementation aspects that are constantly shared with suppliers and the company.

Pellegrini’s design office was very attentive and available for an active collaboration concentrated in the search for the best possible solution.

The window frame is the visible result, in a project like the one we are talking about we cannot stop there, there are many technical aspects that make the difference, very important details capable of contributing to the achievement of the required performances and expectations.

It starts from a profile to arrive at a set of details that are a project on a project. The alignments that complete the result are created, the edges that complete the facade.

In this specific case, the PELLEGRINI STRUTTURA * wood-aluminium window line was chosen, aiming at high energy performance and at the same time, thanks to the many customization possibilities and clean design, it was possible to complete the external aesthetic solution in the best possible way.

The internal wood brings up the living well-being, white was chosen for its brightness.

On the first floor of the complex, an internal garden has been created with Pellegrini windows, with a high emotional impact, liveable for a break and a breath of fresh air.

This collaboration with PELLEGRINI particularly struck me for some aspects, such as the obsessive attention in the installation through a certified installation and the attention to every detail of every single silicone coating.

Punctuality! We managed 550 m2 of offices where everything was customized, including the internal lamps, and in just 9 months we reached delivery. This was possible thanks to the punctuality in the design, production and installation.

Another decisive aspect was the willingness to analyse and anticipate the problems resulting from a long experience and an approach aimed at obtaining the best possible result, this has allowed us to obtain a quality design that has benefited both the designer and the supplier and which made it possible to respect the choices on schedule.

“All this can be summed up in Love for one’s work, a fundamental value for facing challenges like this.”

This project has been recognized among the 100 Italian projects of value for design and innovation and published in the homonymous Collection 2019.

We thank the arch. Marinato for availability, you can contact him through the website of the IPOGEO Architecture Laboratory.

INSTALLED WINDOWS PELLEGRINI model Struttura 80 with internal Okumè wood, embossed lacquered ral 9010 (white) and for some positions (internal garden) ral 7021 (dark gray). While for aluminum we have structured ral 9010 and structured ral 7021 (again for the internal garden).