A long-standing tradition that we like to tell with our products and our way of pursuing customer satisfaction, that have have ancient roots. In fact the Falegnameria Pellegrini was born in 1930 as an artisan manufacturer of wooden doors and windows, and is constantly evolving even today. By now the fourth generation is almost ready to join the company, grown up hearing the stories about the grand-father Vittorio, the founder of the Falegnameria Pellegrini. Since 2013, the company has started a process of defining the various development areas, first by identifying the PELLEGRINI brand as a manufacturer of windows, doors and elements connected to them such as bins, then identifying the resale and marketing activities and design support for professionals with PELLEGRINI POINT. PELLEGRINI POINT represents the activity of contact with the direct customer who wishes to build a new home or renovate one by choosing PELLEGRINI windows and doors, and the products dealed by PELLEGRINI POINT such as interior doors, entrance doors, rolling shutters and much more.