Kraf Group has chosen Pellegrini the italian window

Kraf Home is the successor of Kraf Group, a company with extensive experience in the construction of infrastructure projects.

Kraf Home Bulgaria is actively investing in the acquisition and preparation of land suitable for the construction of modern high-end villas at the foot of the mountains around Sofia.

The company’s ambition is to be a leader in luxury housing design and construction in Sofia. The concept of Kraf Home is: wonderful places between nature, functionality, Italian design and quality

The Kraf Home team of architects has chosen Pellegrini the italian window, a brand synonymous with quality. Our model in wood aluminium Struttura Slim has met the needs and the aesthetic taste of the customer, with the customization for this modern design villa.

Struttura Slim, coplanar window with minimal frame, also allows the creation of large windows, as in the case of this villa, increasing the glazed surface and consequently the light.

Our design department has studied all the details and now the windows are in the production phase.
Our installers are ready to participate 100% in the installation

90 Years of Falegnameria Pellegrini!

Falegnameria Pellegrini in the 50’s

Pellegrini since 1930

We are a historic company in the province of Pordenone (Italy) founded in 1930, which draws its strength from the memory of the past, from the four generations that have followed one another, from the continuous evolution of this profession, at first simple carpenter and now with a semi-production line industrial.

Despite the passing of the decades, Pellegrini maintains a certain fidelity and an important attachment to the basic profession, continuously fed by ideas and innovations.

The market, initially of “proximity”, concentrated in the Pordenone area, has expanded on the national territory and abroad: the company has committed many resources to bring together all its potential, observed the market trend, in particular of the design and materials, and realized the importance of social networks. Pellegrini is constantly growing.

We believe that the goal achieved has laid solid foundations to continue to grow and improve for many years, with the ability to position itself better and better in strategic markets with maximum satisfaction for the end customer.

We want to grow further

Given the development due to commercial strategies, in a logic of “investment decision”, the Falegnameria Pellegrini has begun this year an important expansion of its headquarters: the area intended for the warehouse has already been completed. The next steps include the renovation of the offices, the construction and preparation of the new showroom.

Celebrating such an important milestone brings back memories, stories of those who preceded us in this long path full of difficulties which, however, have always been overcome thanks to the determination and the ability to never give up, with the common sense in decisions handed down from generation to generation.

It is our duty to thank all those who preceded us on this way, and those who are still part of it for the commitment, the genius, the love expressed daily in every small great action carried out, which make PELLEGRINI a very long-lived company also a point of reference for windows.

This festive occasion gives us a mix of positive emotions that strongly projects us to the next goal.

Summer holidays 2020

We inform you that on the days between Saturday 8 and Sunday 23 August the company is closed for the summer holidays.

We take this opportunity to wish all our customers and visitors to this site happy holidays.